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In order to comply with TGA requirements in Australia about the sale of this product we offer it only under the condition that in countries where this is illegal it is not being used for treatment of humans.

Antioxidant Skin Tonic 250ml (Concentrate, to be diluted with 2 parts of water)
Skin Improver and Mercury Chelator (High in Alpha Lipoic Acid)

Contents of one 250 ml bottle:

8.5% of the sodium salt of Alpha Lipoic Acid

7.5% of N-acetyl Glucosamine

7.5% of MSM

20% of Glycerine

in purified water


Price: AUD $35.00

In recent years Alpha Lipoic Acid (lipoic acid for short) has become a main ingredient of expensive skin care products. What makes it so useful for skin care is its ability to inhibit and dissolve cross-linking. Cross-linking contributes to aging by causing hardening of arteries, stiffening of joints, and hardening and wrinkling of the skin.
In addition to softening keratinised or hardened skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of lipoic acid reduce redness due to rosacea, acne and sensitive skin. Lipoic acid is claimed to improve dull skin, puffy eyes and dark circles as well as sun-damaged skin. It is also regarded as a skin-whitener, meaning that brown age spots or liver spots and pigmentation abnormalities start to fade.
In addition to a very high level of the superior sodium salt of lipoic acid, our Skin Tonic also contains N-acetyl glucosamine and MSM which are important to form new collagen and repair damaged skin.
Lipoic acid is the only antioxidant that protects water-soluble as well as oil-soluble bio-molecules. It has the ability to regenerate or recycle other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. It also helps to restore the essential glutathione and coenzyme Q10 to much younger levels.
Due to the presence of two sulphur groups, lipoic acid is a superior chelating agent for mercury and other heavy metals, such as lead. It chelates mercury both intracellular (inside cells) and extracellular (blood and lymph), in the brain as well as in other parts of the body.

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