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Excerpt from the Book "God I Am"

by Peter O. Erbe 


"The very reason for being here is to experience. The experience and embrace of all emotions is required to consciously reintegrate them with their Source. The 'holier than thou' attitude of sitting on a mountain top, avoiding participation in life, is living death. This would reflect a mind thoroughly misled by his altered Ego. True perception may very well choose to do the same thing, if it owns all emotions, thus it does not deprive itself of anything.

This is not to taint the path of the sanctimonious and the pious, for it leads them to their highway too. It is not to deduct from its validity, but whilst the pious speaks his litany I rather draw my inspiration from the wind.

When the coward finds his courage - let him speak of courage. When the warrior finds his peace - let him speak of peace. Their truth, however gently voiced, carries spice and scent and is thunder in my ear - the sermon of a man who is 'so good' is stale. If he has not passed through the fires of life, if he never blundered, never laughed and wept, never been in love or hated, doubted, never suffered, never roared his anger and never trembled at the softness of a woman's breast, if his loins were never aflame with passion - then he never lived. If he never stood in awe before the giants of the forest or felt the pain of a gentle woman's broken heart - if never he stumbled, was proud or humbled, if never he crawled he never danced - then he is dead.

But men and women unafraid of living, true to themselves, radiate a freshness, an attraction that commands, that fires the heart, and the nectar of their words invigorates the soul."


Here is a brief sampling of the flood of letters the author receives in response to 'GOD I AM'.


.A. Janson, Alb., Canada: I opened 'God I Am' and began to read. Within a few pages, I felt an urge to cry. The crying changed to raucous laughter and then abruptly back to crying againI read the whole book through in one sitting, then I turned it right over and began again.

G.M. Kunkle, OR, USA: everything on metaphysics and wasn't ready for another book, but your explanations of things I've heard and read about for decades struck such cords and inspired me to go for broke like nothing else has.

D. Ashby, N.Z.: and reread 'God I Am'. It was a wonderful experience. From cover to cover I found it absolutely riveting.

T. Sjoquist, N.Z.: I recently read 'God I Am' and was so thoroughly enthralled as to have passed it on to several people...

A. Evason, Minister, Vic., Australia: I've been delighting in 'God I Am', borrowing it from my ex-wife when she isn't soaking it up.

D.A. Hansen,WA, USA: This is my first fan letter during my 69 years in the flesh. Your book 'God I Am' is SUPERB.

M. Grosshuesch, CO, USA: I just finished reading 'God I Am' and want to express my appreciation to you...There is so much for me to think and learn about that I look forward to my second reading. You are a profound influence on my life - I am in your debt.

L. Meybohm, W.A., Australia: Thank you for writing 'God I Am'. You have helped me to turn the most important corner in my life and for this I am truly grateful. God bless you forever more.

M. Hampson,Vic., Australia: I write in gratitude...Having just read 'God I Am' I felt inspired and inwardly strengthened at the poetic beauty and accuracy with which you describe (my) our life purpose and soul intent.

K. Smiles, N.S.W., Australia: I would like to express my deep gratitude for this wonderful book...and thank you for the eloquence, strength and undeniable genius you have displayed in the writing of this book, which is, in itself, a work of art.

J. Murray, Life Directions Counseling Cr., WA, USA: My congratulations. I believe you have written the NEWest Testament. This book is the Owner's Manual for our times. I have read the epilog over at least five times. It is the most complete work I have ever seen - and the highest level, metaphysically and spiritually.

K. Erickson, AZ, USA: My husband and I wish to thank you for 'God I Am'. It truly works magic. For me it was something I have never felt from a book before. As I started to read it in solitude I felt a thrill emanating from deep within, exploding into a joy that I can only describe as my soul responding in recognition of the Truths. My husband was amused at my reaction, until it happened to him.

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