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    I am available for online consultation via email.

My name is Barbara Bourke the nutritionist (Advanced Diploma of Nutrition) at Stride into Health. I have known and worked with Walter Last’s programs for the last 10 years.


1.) You need to be familiar with Walter Last’s protocol. Most of you probably know about Walter and his website, but some of you might not. Walter is a retired biochemist, researcher, nutritionist and natural therapist. He is also an author who has written many articles and books. See

2.) If you have decided to follow his programs but don’t know where to start. Or you have started, but it’s all too confusing and need additional help implementing his recommendation then I can be of help.  

3.)  Send me an email with your request for a consultation  

4.)  The consultation will be via email in a ‘Questions and Answers’ format. You ask your questions and I will answer them.  

5.)  The cost is $500.00 Aud. How long the $500.00 will last depends on how many questions you ask and if there is a lot of research involved.  


  If you have any questions please contact Barbara




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