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Hi, my name is Barbara Bourke I am a Nutritionist, and operate a Health and Wellness Clinic in Mackay.

I have been working with Walter Last, and in my clinic I use the basic health and healing principles explained in his books and on his website


Walter Last does no longer work with patients, and therefore has asked me to look after individuals who want advice and guidance either with specific health problems or with general health improvement. Walter has realised that it is only of limited value to treat a specific disease or health problem without at the same time also improving the general conditions that cause us to get sick or unwell in the first place. Therefore, he recommends now that everyone, regardless of the disease, should adopt a basic Health Improvement Program (HIP), and treat specific health problems within the framework of this program, for an outline see Health Improvement Program. A more compact and structured version of the HIP is available as the e-book Towards Radiant Health. For any specific disease or health problem follow in addition one of Walter's books (see The Heal Yourself Series) or web articles (


If you need help in working through these issues then I am available for consultations via e-mail, Skype or phone. However, the first and primary step of a consultation is via e-mail. My consultation fees are charged on an individual basis. A flexible price structure is best as everybody needs help in a different way. Maybe you just have a few simple questions, or you want help for part or throughout all of the program, or you may have some rather complex health problems.


Here are a few points to follow so I can give you the best advise and assist you with your health issues:

·    You need to have the e-book Towards Radiant Health from

·    Read it carefully as recommended by Walter at the beginning of the book.

·    It is a step by step guide. If necessary make notes about any questions that may arise.

·     If after reading it all you still need clarifications or want to know how to adopt the HIP for your specific health problem, then please send me an e-mail with your queries and what kind of help you need. Send your e-mail to

·    I will contact you, either to ask about additional information if needed, or will advise you on my consultation fee.


Read Walter's Introduction on his HIP


Payment can be made:

1.   Either via invoice through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account for that). You will receive an invoice from PayPal, all you need to do is follow the link and pay with your credit card.

2.  Alternatively I can phone you for your credit card information.

3.   You can send a cheque.

4.   Pay directly into my Bank account.




Wishing you Abundant Health and Wellbeing

Barbara Bourke (Nutritionist)

Ph 49513003 Mobil 0419116913

e mail:

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