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Copper Salicylate 30 grams
A Potent Inflammation Fighter and Rejuvenator.

Price: AUD $39.95


Comes in a jar containing 30 grams of blue copper salicylate paste.This consists of 10 grams of copper salicylate suspended in pure water. Copper salicylate is produced through a chemical reaction of copper sulfate and sodium salicylate and pure water. Each gram of this cream contains approximately 333 mg of copper salicylate or 50 mg of copper. You need only very little of this cream each day so that this amount may last for 3 to 6 months.
Copper Salicylate Cream may be used in different ways. For inflammations as with arthritis, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory skin conditions you may spread a very fine film of the cream over the inflamed area. Copper salicylate can be absorbed only as long as it remains moist on the skin.
Therefore, to improve skin absorption you may then spread over the blue film some Aloe Vera gel. The best option for absorption is a solution of MSM or DMSO. Try to keep it moist.

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