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DMSO is a superb 

Our DMSO comes in amber glass bottles. Our DMSO is full strength (not diluted to 70% like many other products on the market) and is 99.5% pure

Price: AUD $35.95


For common use you may make a strong solution (about 70%) by mixing 2 parts of DMSO with 1 part of Water, and for a weaker solution (50%) mix equal parts of DMSO and Water Be careful with spills, it does not harm the skin but it may damage painted or plastic surfaces.
DMSO (CH3)2SO is a natural substance derived from wood pulp. It is generated during the normal decomposition of plants and therefore is in low concentrations present in most natural foods. It is very hygroscopic - it attracts water, when oxidised it forms MSM.

For more information on DMSO and MSM see

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