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Fungal Lipase (100 and 200 grams)
Lipase is a Fat Splitting Enzyme

Price $49.95 AUD 100 g

Price  $97.95 AUD 200 g

Fungal Lipase
Lipase powder (Rhizopus oryza 80,000 LU/g or 8,000 FIP/g.
Lipase is the fat-splitting enzyme. Lipase has vast importance for our health, not just in regard to the commonly recognized diseases of the fat metabolism such as overweight and underweight, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes and degenerative muscle diseases, but also for skin problems, autoimmune diseases, cancer, degenerative diseases of the brain and nervous system, and also for rejuvenation and regeneration in general. How can lipase be important with all of these problems and diseases?
The answer lies in the overriding importance of fats and oils not only for our energy metabolism, but even more so for the structural integrity of our body. Fats, oils and related fat-soluble vitamins and other biochemicals, such as lecithin and cholesterol, are collectively called lipids. Most of our brain, nerves and cell membranes consist of lipids. Lipase is important to maintain optimal cell membrane permeability; this allows adequate nutrient supply into the cells and wastes to flow out.

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