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God I Am
From Tragic to Magic (265 pages)
  by Peter O. Erbe

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Every 25,000 years our Solar System completes one orbit around Alcione, the central sun of the Pleiades, a constellation at a distance of approximately 400 light years from our Sun. In 1961 science discovered a photon belt which encircles the Pleiades at a right angle to its orbital planes. Our Sun, and Earth with it, is entering this Photon belt between now and the year 2011.
The photon belt is the cosmic 'trigger force' to shift humanity from third level into fourth level density, from separation into Oneness. Thus, the magnitude and beauty of this event Earth is preparing for defies any description. Earth and humanity are aligning for its birth into Christ-consciousness - the union of Star Light with matter - the marriage of Spirit with separated Selves.
As the night transforms into a new day, so is the Age of Darkness giving way to the Age of Light. It is the greatest event ever to grace the Earth and her children. Terms such as New Age, Super-consciousness, etc., are but different labels for one and the same occurrence. It is the 'end-time' of the prophecies, for time as such shall cease to be. Ageing, ailments and sorrow shall be no more. To partake of this grandest of events, man must be aligned with its energy.
Humanity, as such, is governed by false perception, the adherence to the frequency of fear, the result of which is literally an upside down perception of life. Only that which is aligned with Light can partake of Light, thus those not aligned with the cosmic current of energy flow - the Divine Intent - shall sleep the long sleep.
It is the purpose of this material to develop the magnificent tool of True Perception with which we align for the birth into the dawn of a new day in creation, the Age of Love. As the chrysalis is the bridge between caterpillar and the butterfly, so is True Perception the bridge between third level and fourth level density, between separation and Oneness.
The universe with all its beings, in seen and unseen dimensions, joins with us in the grandest of all celebrations, the jubilance of rebirth into Light - the dance of the Gods - for where earth, and we as her children go, is the fulfillment of the soul's ancient cry: We are coming home!

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