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In order to comply with TGA requirements in Australia about the sale of this product we offer it only under the condition that in countries where this is illegal it is not being used for treatment of humans.

Liver Detox Mix 200 grams
For Liver Detox and Support

Price: AUD $ 41.75

The constituents in the Liver Mix are selected by Walter Last and Barbara Bourke for their impact on detoxification and for the support of the liver. Fat metabolism is another role performed by the liver. It not only burns fat, but also drains excess fat into the bile to be passed out through the intestine. A healthy liver is perfectly capable of performing this task efficiently. However, there are some experts agreeing that fatty liver problems are on the rise, as the liver is over-burdened and therefore sluggish in its role of detoxification. Problems arise through incorrect lifestyle, diet and pollution of any kind, Toxins can accumulate by way of internally produced toxins or taken in form our external environment. Also many of our over-processed foods do not contain adequate enzymes, especially lipase. Lipase in our food is mostly lost through the process of pasteurization. We have to help the liver and make sure toxins and fat deposits are not hindering its many metabolic performances.
In the early stages of fat accumulation and defective detoxification symptoms might be minimal. Below find some indications of a fatty liver:

• Allergies( for allergy testing see
• Poor digestion
• Abdominal bloating and/or weight gain
• Irregular bowel function
• Frequent nausea and headaches
• Coated tongue and bad breath
• Unpleasant mood swings, depression and "foggy" brain function
• You will probably be overweight, especially in the abdominal area and might have problems losing weight
• Elevated blood levels of Cholesterol and tryglycerides
• Syndrome X
• You either have or are on the verge of Diabetes 2
• You might feel tired and low on energy
• You may also have problems with your immune system (either over or under-functioning).

Each 200 gram (approximately 57 teaspoons) Liver Detox Mix contains the following:
Milk Thistle Extract 32 g The active ingredient in Milk thistle is silymarin, which is in high concentration in "Milk Thistle Extract" (85%). Milk Thistle helps to stimulate the regeneration of the Liver and also protects the liver from the toxic effects of many poisons. May be effective for fatty liver. Helps prevent cirrhosis and is also indicated in hepatitis C (due to the Silymarin).
TMG (Trimethylglycine) 20 g
For stimulation and detoxification of the liver, helps with energy production, utilization of oxygen, prevention of cirrhosis and fatty liver.
N-Acetyl Cysteine 20 g An important amino acid for glutathione production and detoxification of the liver. Potent antioxidant and immune enhancer.
Choline 20 g Enhances liver functions. Helpful for fatty liver, lowers triglycerides, helps in cirrhosis and helps alleviates hepatitis.
Inositol 20 g Helpful in removing dietary fat from the liver. May help lowering of cholesterol. Potent antioxidant. Immune protection for some cancers like liver cancer.
Lipoic Acid 8g Potent antioxidant, may be protective to the liver, chelates toxins, may help repair liver damage, immune support.
Sodium Ascorbate 32 g Vitamin C has many health benefits, including antioxidant protection, helps the conversion from LDL to HDL. Protects the other ingredients in this product from oxidation.
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 48 g Without sufficient MSM sulphur in the body illness in varying types may result. We added MSM for many of it's health-promoting benefits.

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