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PABA and Insositol Combo 100 g each
For Hair Colour Restoration

Price: AUD $ 32.95

To restore hair colour it is most useful to apply dissolved PABA, Inositol, sodium ascorbate and Copper salicylate directly to the scalp or beard. It is good to apply these after showering or washing the hair, and not dry the hair afterwards or wash it out again.

PABA Para-amino benzoic acid or PABA, which is related to the B group of vitamins, helps to produce eumelanin and darkens the hair. PABA itself is not water-soluble but may be dissolved by adding sodium bicarbonate.
Inositol stabilises cell membranes. This protects the hair bulbs and helps to keep the hair moist and so darkens its colour; severe deficiency may cause baldness.

See our 'Product Page' to purchase Sodium ascorbate and Copper salicylate

Sodium ascorbate is most important to regenerate the hair bulbs. to
Copper Salicylate is required for the enzyme processes in the hair bulbs.

The above information was taken form Walter Last's article 'More Energy & Less Disease'. 

In order to comply with TGA requirements in Australia about the sale of this product we offer it only under the condition that in countries where this is illegal it is not being used for treatment of humans.

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