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The Night of the Yellow Moon
One fateful moment will change their lives forever       
286 pages

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Price: AUD $16.95

While on a holiday in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Anja made a life-changing decision. The secrets and lies from so many years ago were still haunting her today. The only way to unburden herself and to find peace is by telling the truth. But first she has to return to where it all happened.
Larissa leads an uncertain existence. She spends a large part of her life in hospital, never knowing if death is just around the corner. Thank goodness for her good friends Renee and Maria.
Jayden was looking forward to a few days in the Blue Mountains with his mates, Ben and Dean. He loves hiking, fishing and camping.
Follow the characters as one early evening their lives collide in an unexpected and tragic way. That night, events were set in motion that nobody could have anticipated. It will lead two women on a whirlwind ride to the other side of the world. Will they be able to uncover the truth and set right the wrongs of the past?
Life can change in the blink of an eye and there comes a time when following your heart is the only way; even if it once belong to somebody else.

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